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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership. breaking news. flirting with history. could be the worst snowfall ever for parts of the northeast. it's not over. a foot of snow still possible. knocking out power, trapping drivers and crippling travel. we have reports throughout new england, connecticut and new york. hello to all of you, welcome to an early edition of "weekends with alex witt." the latest on the storm, right now, nearly 100 cars trapped on new york's long island expre expressw expressway. no word on when they will be rescued. a car accident killed a 74-year-old pedestrian in new york state. most warned others to stay off the roads. >> it just took us ten minutes to drive three blocks.
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that's how bad it is. >> we've seen a couple accidents. seen a lot of people getting stuck. >> it's pretty bad out here if you don't have 4-wheel drive, you shouldn't be on the road. >> it has knocked out power to customers, mainly in massachusetts. rhode island has the second most outages. frustrated flyers waking up in airports. logan airport is closed. so far, airlines canceled 5,300 flights through today. the massive storm as seen from space. noaa released this photo before the storm ens phied and grew even larger. let's get the latest from the forecast and snow totals from nbc meteorologist bill karins who had a long night. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. wouldn't it be nice if one of the forecasts didn't live up to the forecast and hype? are we say these storms are
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coming and they delivered, if not more. i've seen reports of two feet of snow from new york state, rhode island, connecticut and new hampshire. and i've seen the latest radar of the storm. east of boston, up in the gulf of mexico of maine. that's good. the storm is pulling away for the morning. storm completely over with. the catskills new york city area, done. maybe a few flurries, but no more accumulations. the back edge moving through the berkshires of massachusetts and through connecticut as we go through the morning hours, and by noon today, the snow should begin to shuttle off providence and boston, that's the timing. our friends in maine, it will be later than that. we're getting nailed, i-95 from new hampshire through portland, all the way up through augusta, that's where the blue band is setting up on the radar. white is the snow. where you see the blue, 2 to 3
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inches of an hour. 18 inches of snow in many areas of maine. boston, looks like the heavy ban that was over you the last three hours, shifted to the south and east, probably over logan, but no longer over areas of the 495 loop. down over cape cod, have you yet to get very heavy snow, and winds howling out of the north. a very cold wind too. wait until i show you windchills and long island, 27-inch report on northern long island. one little last band over the top of you in central long island. probably pick up another inch or two and that will be exiting and will be all done and the massive cleanup will begin. as far as what we're dealing with, the winds are the worst right now. areas of cape cod, hyannis, gusting along provincetown and coastal maine. winds out of the north at 40 to 50 miles per hour. the winds higher three or four
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hours ago. the winds beginning slowly die down. up in maine, so cold in the storm, very rare to get this much snow at these temperatures, have you been down in the single dij nit many cases, and wind chills way into the negative numbers, blizzard conditions in maine, not the place to get stranded this morning. places in cape cod, eastern mass, not fun early. boston, the windchill is 1. i will leave you with this picture of the storm. this is typically an image i show you during hurricane season. enhanced satellite. it has a center like a tropical system with a ton of moisture with it. it did exactly as we expected it to do. >> it sure did. boy, what a punch it packed. i have to tell you, how about the snow in new york. did we get as much as we expected in new york city? >> officially, my forecast was 6 to 10 for new york city. the weather forecast said 12 inches. and we ended up with 8 inches.
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as expected. maybe the weather service shouldn't have gone with a blizzard warning in new york city. never met that criteria, but, you know, a good sized storm by new york standards. eight inches of snow is a good winter-sized storm, not historic. but we weren't calling for it to be historic anyways. >> i have to give props for the guys working outside rockefeller center. snow piled up, but not on the ground not outside of us. >> it doesn't even look like it snowed around here. >> they do such a great job. >> people making some overtime. >> thank you so much, bill karins, we'll see you again with your overtime. another area buried. we're talking about connecticut. ron allen live in hartford. oh, ron. a lot different there than it is here right now. >> i'm great this is where we came to work this morning. this as far as we can go. just outside our hotel.
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downtown hartford. snow close to 20 20inches no so parts of the state, it's hard to determine exactly what the impact of all of this is. i know late last night driving here, some of our crews got stuck trying to get two miles or less through the center of town, it's that bad there are a lot of cars stuck on the roadways around, people for the most part heeded the warnings to stay home, the governor very adamant about that, the roads here, massachusetts for the most part, are shut down, they have been towing cars and even some emergency vehicles have gotten stuck, right now, it's very cold out here as well. temperatures must be in the 20s and the forecast keeps it in the 20s all day, so it's going to be getting hard and very slippery throughout most of the day. the snow is continuing, i understand the forecast is saying it will start taper off,
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ease off around 9:00 this morning. hopefully -- it's a mess out here, alex. you can't get anywhere. you can't go anywhere. we can't take our vehicles out of the parking garage. we can't get downtown. just complete whiteout and complete shutdown. >> ron allen, sit tight. i don't think you can go anywhere anyway. what has been called the bull's-eye of the storm. jay gray in boston. wow. that's all is a have to say to you. >> good morning, alex. i promise i'm in here somewhere. we're in boston. this city is frozen by this blizzard. i got out earlier this morning, there are crews working, believe it or not and they have been working around the clock, but they can't keep up with the space of the snow. 20 inches here in copley square alone. 10 at logan. but the wind keeps blowing and the snow keeps coming. the winter storm pounding
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northeast since friday night continued pounding into a fierce and relentless blizzard. gusts up to 75 miles an hour creating blinding conditions. the projected snowfall totals are staggering. before it's over, up to 3 feet of snow is expected in part of new england. including boston. the storm has literally stopped most of new england in its tracked. more than 1,800 cancelations at new york area airports. 4,700 flights canceled nationwide. the governor of massachusetts ordered cars off the roadway starting at 4:00. a move that made sense after this 19-car pileup in maine scattered cars across the road and into ditches. >> please, please, exercise caution and use common sense. >> this is the result of two storm systems colliding over the northeast. >> it's horrible.
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>> reporter: horrible even for snow plow drivers. >> haas last year was very, very mild. mother nature making up for last year. >> reporter: a region still recovering from superstorm sandy which just struck over three months ago. i know you can see the lights on behind me, or i hope you can through the snow. what i tell you, the power in the core of downtown is still on and that likely won't be a problem, because much of the infrastructure here is buried, but across the region and across new england, and i know you've been talking about this, more than 600,000 people without power, that number will likely climb as the accumulation numbers climb throughout the day. >> absolutely. jay, i think massachusetts has been hit the hardest with power outages, 404,000 people out. it's more than 600,000 across new england. i want to ask you about the roads. we got word from governor
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malloy, all connecticut roads closed until further notice. has there been plow work where you are there in boston, or just don't even bother until it's all over yet? >> reporter: no, what's amazing, alex, there are plows out right now and are people trying to work. i wouldn't say that they are making a ton of progress, because the snow is coming too quickly and the wind blowing much too severe. keeps blowing the snow around. they are trying to work. but roads are closed in massachusetts, have been since yesterday afternoon. no indication of when they may reopen. but i have to tell you, looking at the conditions down here, i don't think it will be any time soon, that's for sure. >> okay. i know you by your voice and great reporting, jay gray. i had have to take for granted that's you there. thank you, jay. by the time this nor easter is through, some areas could be buried under three feet of snow. the nightmare for motorist who's dared to venture out during this storm.
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i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. approaching quarter past the hour. looking at hartford, connecticut, the capital. and not much business down thnee today and not just because it's saturday. 20 inches in hartford, could be as high as 30 inches. ron allen's camera crew providing pictures, and ron allen saying basically you can't move on the roads. governor malloy has issued an order for people to stay off the
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roads. all officially closed until those plowed can get at them and clear out the snow, making safe for motorists. we'll tell you about long island motorists that have been stuck, some since yesterday on the long island expressway. what a mess there. you are seeing that there have been some plowed roads there a little bit and getting the plowing and putting the snow up on the side of the roads, a big problem for motorists certainly. let's get to bill karins with the latest on storm totals. what you got? >> reading through. as people waking up. observers are measuring snow and sending it to national weather service offices and report back to us and the media. some of the totals are pretty incredible. the two-foot club is kind of a rarity, in this storm, it's almost everyone in this band set up last night was in the 2- to 4-foot range. let me show you what radar looks like right now. hartford, another two hours of
6:16 am
moderate snow, and then snow showers until noon. still snowing hard, all the way back up through maine. getting nailed this morning. i just updated the snowfall map. this has pretty much already fallen, and what will fall in a little bit of addition. that blue color is a rarity on my snowfall maps, in this storm, that two-foot plus club encompasses all of coastal maine from bangor to augusta to the coast to the portland area, up to the mountains of western maine, then through manchester, concord,port smith and near boston and 495, out toward worcester, 24 inches of snow. hartford to providence, bull's-eye and the bottom of it just northern portions of long island. one report, 27 inches of long island. 34 in connecticut. highest so far, small town, 34 inches of snow. almost three feet.
6:17 am
>> yikes! you mentioned long island. let's go with that. so far, no, ma'am slammed with a foot of snow. up to 100 cars stranded on l.i.e., the long island expressway. we have greg siegel out at port jefferson. sunlight will bring clarity. what's the latest on the cars? >> alex where we are on port jefferson, we have about 20 inches on the ground and still snowing. as for the cars, stranded cars all around suffolk county. suffolk police, the police department out here telling us that there are literally still stuck in the snow. as far as the l.i.e. is concerned, the estimate is about 60 to 100 cars stuck there. big area of trouble is behind two tractor-trailers that jackknifed around midnight. all the cars behind them got
6:18 am
stuck, because of the problem with the tractor-trailers and at last word, police and rescue crews trying to get those cars out from behind the tractor-trailer. so a lot of work to do, we've been told that no one has been immune to getting stuck in the snowdrifts, we've heard of buses of even plows getting stuck here, one guy told me the snowdrifts in some areas in port jefferson are shoulder length. as far as travel nightmare stories, we've heard a few of them. one of our photographers, it took him five hours to go 18 miles last night. i spoke to a woman a little while ago from the fdny who was returning home from work, from queens, maybe about 40 miles from here, it took her close to four hours. the cleanup is under way, we have seen payloaders and plows trying to clear the streets. they have their work cut out for them. a lot of work before they clear this mess. >> i tell you, how long will it take you to get back to new york
6:19 am
city? that will take a while. probably been out all night. >> yeah, if we can even get our cars out. buried in the parking lots. didn't attempt to move them this morning. >> a little overtime and then some for greg cergol of wnbc. thank you so much. in connecticut, the governor declared a state of emergency. thousands have lost power in the southeastern part of the state. on the phone, connecticut congressman joe courtney. welcome to you. first of all, how are you doing, sir? >> good. i'm a little north of the shoreline, so we got power still on, but there are drifts here three and four feet, it will be a long day for the state. the power outages are obvious the biggest worry, temperatures will drop to 6 degrees tonight, some of the towns, 80% out. that's -- you know, that's a race against time really to make sure we can get people to shelters or get the power back
6:20 am
on, but the weather is going to make that challenging, through the middle of the day for the power company. >> you can about imagine, i'm looking officially, connecticut light and power claim about 36,000, almost 37,000 without power right now. how about transportations for the storm? it's hard to prepare for something like this, but certainly word got out. do you get a since that your constituents heeded the warnings? >> i do. the governor didn't fool around as far as emergency decree to tell people to stay off the roads. by and large, the brief we have last night at the emergency operations center looked solid in terms of the roads not having people out there. losing their cars and cluttering the streets. they should have a pretty clear shot as far as clearing roads here today, you know, the commodities and stockpiling and all that is ready in case, again, people need to go to
6:21 am
shelters, concentrated in the southeastern corner there, eastern long island sound where the winds were really -- reached 50, 60 miles per hour and where the lines start giving way. >> yeah, i'm sure representative courtney you want to reiterate that which the governor said, folks need to stay off the roads, technically, officially closed because they want to get plows out, clear them out, and so how frustrating is it for you. if you consider those, i've got to get somewhere and move a couple of blocks and get stuck again? >> well, again, the governor's order extends not just to the interstate, all state roads. in connecticut, it's virtually impossible to get anywhere in terms of prevalence of those roads, you know, again, hopefully just the -- the common sense of trying to drive in streets that, again, will take
6:22 am
hours per town crews for-to-clear will be enough of a disincentive, but, again, it's just a message that people have got to heed, that the more they stay off the roads, quicker they will be cleared and sooner we'll be back to normal. >> absolutely right. let's hope people are listening. thank you, representative joe courtney. good luck getting through the day. the blizzard has walloped and knocked out power to half a million customers. how long will they be without power? that's ahead on "week ends with alex witt." [ male announcer ] no matter what city
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6:26 am
long time for folks to get plowed out of that area. let's get more from connecticut. thousands of power outages reported, and the states's largest power company says it's activated its emergency response plan. joining me on the phone, frank piro. a good day torque and a busy, long night for you already. how many without power? >> we have 36,390 customers out. those outages clustered along the rhode island border along long island sounds. >> we were talking about one of your congressmen about the problem with getting power up and running. how long will it take to get power up and running? what are the obstacles to doing it? >> roads choked with snow. we received a significant amount of snowfall across the state. it will be a challenge getting
6:27 am
to the trouble spots to assess what's -- what's broken, what needs to be fixed. that said, we do have crews deployed in our service territory with concentration in the areas hardest hit and we expect to have a good assessment of that -- of the damage relatively soon. >> okay, well, frank poirot, thank you very much. good luck getting power restored for your customers. >> thank you. nbc meteorologist bill karins keeping a close watch on the blizzard. he will tell us how much longer this storm is going to last. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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island. there you see on the lower half of your screen, on either side, kind of the center, those are the don't walk signs as pedestrians cross. look. that's like halfway up the poles, so a lot to clear out in providence. we'll take you there. nbc ron mott providing us the picture and will give us details in a bit. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." we're on covering the storm. the snow piling up in places there already have two feet. bill karins here with the latest forecast and snow total details. hey, bill. >> power outages are really the problem, alex. snow is a headache, people have to move it. it will be a while before people can get where they want to get to. power outage, that's the more life threatening part of this. the power crews can't get there to turn the power on. and temperatures will drop tonight to the single digits if not negative numbers. people won't be able to stay in their houses if they don't have heat tonight or the next couple of days for that matter and
6:32 am
people have to get out of their houses to stay where safe. that's the biggest issue. the reason we had so many outages, started off as heavy, wet snow. wasn't fluffy snow from boston to the cape. rhode island, areas of connecticut. 30 to 32 degrees and the snow pasted and stuck to everything. and then as the storm cranked last night. the wind gusts are amazing, hyannis, 77 miles per hour. that's a hurricane gust. bedford, 75. east the boston at logan airport, 76 miles per hour. we had gusts, strong tropical storm force gusts on trees, with, you know, snow, heavy wet snow paste pasted on them, and that's why we see so many power outages and what will be such a headache during the day today and this week getting people back online. winds out of the north, a little weaker than last night. the snow is ending for the most part and a lot of areas of new york state, vermont, also western portions of connecticut
6:33 am
and even around heaartford, almt done. people don't have power, probably stuck in their homes and watching it get colder by the minute. 18 in boston, 21 in providence, and the wind outside, making the windchill feel like the negative numbers through maine. negative 13 and snowing hard in augusta, not fun for anyone. 1 in boston, 7 in hyannis. and connecticut, amazing totals from hartford to new haven, 24 to 30 inches of snow, windchill is 14, alex. the story, the legacy will be how widespread the one-foot was and how widespread the two feet of snow was and to have half a million plus without power? it's just -- i hope that the plow crews will go first and right behind them will be the power trucks. they need to get into these locations. >> absolutely. 645,000 customers without power across the northeast. i don't know about you, bill. i remember i had no power for a
6:34 am
week after sandy and i could see my breath inside my home and that was fall. >> that was chilly, but this is winter. we need to worry about the elderly. they rely on other people to shovel their walks, two feet of snow with drifts to four feet and don't have power, people need to get to those people, get them safe and warm. >> thank you, bill. we'll see you again, certainly. the snow still falling hard in a few places, rhode island specifically. meteorologists calling for up to another half a foot of snow in the next few hours there. joining me from providence, nbc news ron mott. we can tell not looking good where you are. what's the latest? >> reporter: alex, good morning. if we don't have all of the people sitting at home in the cold, this would be a little more enjoyable assignment.
6:35 am
snow can be fun, not fun when you don't have power. a lot of people in rhode island without power. standing in the middle of francis street. our hotel a block up. i had to walk up the street. the sidewalks difficult to pass. a while before people can walk around this part of downtown providence. you can see, a truck down there. i believe that's a plow down there. continuously plowing the streets down here. next to no traffic. these are important arteries to get to trauma centers and hopefully we won't have a big need for that today in rhode island. we are hoping in the next hour or so, the bulge of the wind will start to die down and some of the precip in the air will stop falling. snow totals all over the map. are you doing a great job, local nbc affiliate. 16 to 17 inches on the low end, to maybe 30 inches on the high
6:36 am
end. there are a lot of folks dealing with a lot of snow. in terms of power, national grid one of the big suppliers, reporting about 187,000 or so customers without power. a huge chunk of their business in rhode island. almost 40% of people in the dark. and it's cold. high temperature only to the mid 20s today and then as bill had mentioned, we're expecting low temperatures to go way down to the single digits. a miserable 24 to 48 hours. bundle up, stay warm, and if you need to get out of house, hopefully road crews can clear the streets out. don't go out until they had a chance to get out and do that. you mentioned connecticut officials dealing with the power issues next door here. that's the big problem. all the snow has to be clear before the power workers can get into neighborhoods to assess the situation there. so a lot of folks in the dark and in the cold are frustrated before it will be a while before the lights come back on.
6:37 am
they have to do, what they have to do. first is to move the snow out of way to get power lines back up. one thing to report. bill mentioned this stuff started coming down last night. had a lot of moisture and that was a real concern. the moisture packs down the beautiful trees, look great when the first dusting of snow gets on them. when the weight of that stuff piles on after hour after hour of snowfall, the trees start to give way. here in the capital, two big branchs have fallen, crews will have some work to do on monday when they get back. a good long while for this place to be cleaned up, alex. >> and now the winds are picking up. ron mott, we'll heat you go. thank you for traipsing down the street and into the snow for the live shot. we appreciate it so much. on the phone from the new york/new jersey port authority is sue baer. welcome to you. what's the status? everything still closed in terms of area airports? >> well, actually no. as you might imagine, if you
6:38 am
have five airports, you got five -- with this storm in particular, five very different conditions, but four out of the five have remained open. but as you know, we don't fly planes, so the airlines are making their plans of when they plan to arrive and repart from the airports. we expect that to be fairly soon. but the only airport that did close was newark. they had some whiteout conditions in the middle of the night. but they expect to have their runway, first runway opened by 0700 this morning so we're in as relatively good shape as i think we could be with a storm like this, and what we would like you to do for us is to tell every person out there to talk to their airline first before they come to the airport. because even though you will hear the airport is open and you might even see a plane or two, that flight -- it takes the airlines a while to resume operations after a storm like this, they've taken a lot of equipment out of the area, they
6:39 am
need to fly it back, get their crews organized, et cetera. so we did -- my view, we did really well last night. a few stranded passengers, but for whom we provided cots and blankets and food vouchers and all of that, but numbers were really small and we're just getting ready to gear up our operation for the day and start getting people flying again. >> you make a good point, sue. check with your airline to see what your delay or cancelation is today. >> exactly. >> how long does it take airlines to get back up and runninging? when you have a full day, day and a half of closures across such a wide region as the northeast, it doesn't just all get back to normal in like four or five hours. >> absolutely. where we have gotten smarter in this business, airports and airlines that as you know, the airlines canceled a lot in advance, but that let them get their crews and equipment where they want them, and so they can
6:40 am
resume operations more quickly. we expect that to start happening today. but it would probably be later sunday, even monday. for my airports, the five in this region, probably be more into monday before they are back to 100%, and each airline is different and it depends where else they fly and so many variables, which is why we are always urging folks, whatever you hear about an airport being open or your airline starting to fly again, don't come to the airport. as much as we love you and like you to come to our terminals, we would rather you stay home until you know for sure that your flight is departing or your loved one is arriving. >> right. >> so it's just advice that has to be repeated. >> i have a friend coming in
6:41 am
from california and i'm not going to buy the welcome flowers just yet. >> check the website for the airline and make the phone call. website for airlines are great. and that flight could be coming in, so i hope you have a great rejune. -- reunion. >> thank you. >> bye. >> worst pictures from the storm. we'll head to boston and revere beach, massachusetts. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪
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6:45 am
area. that's good news, they can clean up and get things back to normal here in the big apple. but massachusetts, that has the most power outages by far so far. logan airport is closed. boston seems to be really the epicenter of the storm. right now, while the snow is out for some shortly, it is not for boston. there is the proof, weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is there for us. always in the worst places, jim. this looks pretty bad. >> yeah, it is, alex. you mentioned the power outages for massachusetts. they lead the way with over 400,000 out of the 650,000 across the northeast without power here, it will be a while before, unfortunately, they can get that power back on. you can see the kind of snow we got here. just everywhere, officially at logan airport, only reporting 10 inches, but that is since midnight last night. i'm going to promise you, they will come in at 7:00 a.m. at 20 or more inches, look at the
6:46 am
piles of snow sitting out here. the fact that governor patrick said, look, here is the deal. i want everybody off the roads at noon time tomorrow, off the roads at noon time tomorrow, or yesterday, i'm sorry, and we will shut down the t at 3:30, set up the situation of not having people trapped on the roads as it was in the blizzard of '78. it's hard to find the deep snow, but if i get out to the park, it's up to my knees. i had snow shoes earlier and pretty much patted down and kept me above the snow, and you can get into knee-deep snow pretty well. i had 14 last night in the common before i heft. equipment everywhere, little bucket loaders, pan over here, gil i want to show you how high the snow is in regard to the
6:47 am
bucket loader. easily a 20-inch snow for boston. historic snow. good news with the way they have kept the streets as clear as they, kept up with the storm there, is no reason that boston, the city, will not be operational come monday morning. now, the airports, the highways, mass transit, a whole different story, there is no word yet obviously on when that will be up and running again, but up like new york city, we are not done. we are not done. we will see more and more snow here. probably another 5 to 8 inches on top of what we have easily. a record snow in terms of top five snowstorm between 25 to 30 minutes for metro boston. >> that's something, to make this a top five. jim, i'll double box with you colleague mike seidel on the other side of the screen, revere beach, where it's looking pretty bad there. lots of wind. compare one to the next.
6:48 am
thank you, jim cantore. we'll go to you, mike. what's it like there? >> we still have the snow like jim has and we'll snow until the middle of the day, until lunchtime. what we have to deal with out here, more wind, we don't have anything blocking it, and the surf, coming up. the next high tide at 10:00 a.m. coastal flood warning for massachusetts coastline and all the islands, nantucket to plum island. they are concerned about stituet. two to three feet on top of the surge 20 to 22-foot waves. not here, we've got protection, but down to the south, already a lot of residents of beachfront homes, left and headed to higher ground. evacuated yesterday. nothing mandatory, but local police said you might want to think about this and they know how things go down here.
6:49 am
a lot of snow, a lot of drifting, but just about everybody stayed off the road. we have been out here all night long, the plows have been coming up and down revere beach boulevard. here comes one now around the circle. huge mound of snow. a lot of snow out here and three to four foot drifts, and they have been able to do their job all night long to keep these roads passable, and that will make the cleanup and the digout that much better. alex, once we get through high tide, the coastal issues go away and we'll end those, and we have to dig out of this, and based what i saw at the stop n shop yesterday and the day before, a lot of people said, hey, we'll spend the weekend at home. and a lot of folks renting mo e movies at the red box, i think that's what it's called at the stop n shop. unfortunately, 650,000 customers without power in new england at this point. a lot of folks, if they don't have gas heat, they are waking
6:50 am
up in the cold and the dark this morning. alex. >> absolutely. for those folks who have power, want to do movie marathons, that's the way to go. let those roads get plowed. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. i'm thinking what i would be doing this morning is -- is sitting in front of the tv and watching msnbc. who not to watch a movie, when you can watch alex witt. >> big muah through the tv there. thank you, mike seidel. a rock star out there appreciate it. >> thank you. the snowstorm has forced the automatic shutdown of a nuclear power plant in plymouth, massachusetts. er in never a threat to public safety. but 400,000 customers in the bay state don't have power right now. more totals after "weekends with alex witt." [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later? [ male announcer ] hold packages at any fedex office location.
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6:54 am
with alex witt." doing their best to clear sidewalks and roads in hartford, connecticut it works to a degree, but one of the problems you see right there, that car is being buried, parked on the side of the street, but they have to clear the snow to get the majority of clears cared, that guy, not so lucky. let's get more from massachusetts now to do that i'm joined by democratic michael capuano. and thank you for joining us. what's it like where you are? >> i'm doing great, alex. one of the people that pretty much took the day off. enjoyed movies, a few drinks and getting anxious to get out and start shoveling. >> glad you took the advice of everyone, myself included. let's talk about what lies ahead in terms of cleanup.
6:55 am
>> and in this kind of situation, we all know it takes time to get the most people. they will prioritize them. this is new england, not the first time we've done this. and we are used to getting this done. the question is how well will we do it? at this moment, it seems like everything is going reasonably well. >> sommerville, i don't known we have seen a live shot. but are you north of boston. boston looks like it got walloped many. >> we got hit pretty hard. 18 to 20 inches out there. and still coming down. we have another six hours or so left, so probablian up on 22 inches, but we'll probably be able to clean this up in the next two, maybe three days. >> yeah, that's as long as people listen to you and governor deval patrick who say these roads are closed, everybody. stay off them to allow plows to get there. do you think people are heeding the advice? seen anybody trying to maneuver
6:56 am
the rows. >> everybody is listening and they are not going very far. and i think when we get these kinds of situations. especially those that have been through it before, we take an opportunity to take a day off and get to remeet all of our neighbors. later on this morning everybody will be out shoveling, helping each other. it's actually good for society. >> you know, i see your point there. a communal event. you may have heard jim cantore. he says this will go down as one of the top five in terms of worst storms for the boston area. >> i heard that. i hope it doesn't get to be the top one. >> listen, do take care, thank you michael capuano, bay state seventh district. good luck get tloug the dting t day. >> meteorologist bill karins is tracking the storm. he'll bring us the latest in a moment. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
6:57 am
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